Sample Preparation

We offer ready to go calibration packages for x-ray fluorescence analysis.

Advantages to developing your application with us:

1. No development time in your laboratory
2. Cost saving in your lab
3. Fast introduction of new methods in your lab
4. Easy calculation of costs
5. Guarantee on reproducibility and accuracy
6. Calibration with highest quality
7. Newcomers will become experts quickly
8. Guarantied after sales support

Typical content of a package:

Sample preparation tools: fusion machine, mill, press
Chemicals: flux, binder, grinding agence
1 set calibration standards ready for measurement
1 set drift correction samples
1 set validation samples
Installation of measuring program on the xrf instrument of
the customer in the lab on site
Calibrating on site
Validation with real customer samples
Training of laboratory staff
Customer acceptance
After sales support from our experts in xrf
Contribution in our round robin tests
Cross check of routine results with our application laboratory



Application packages

FLUXANA has developed fusion and pressed powder applications for the following products. 
We will be pleased to help you set up your own high precicion fusion method.

Ready to go application packages:
 Application package Cement
 Application package Cement + Raw Materials
 Application package Raw Materials
 Application package CC Continous casting powder
 Application package Raw Professional
 Application package ASH
 Application package Slags
 Application package Slags + Filter Dust
 Application package RAW Materials Glass
 Application package Glass
 Application package FeMo + FeMn + FeSi + FeMnSi
 Application package FeSi
 Application package FeMn + FeMnSi
 Application package FeMo
 Application package FeCr
 Application package FeTi
 Application package FeV
 Application package FeNb
 Application package FeW
 Application package ZnS


All standard calibrations are developed in our own application laboratory.
We will be pleased to accept your test samples for evaluation in our laboratory and can
work together with you to develop new methods to transfer to install in your laboratory.

Ask for a free presentation in our lab whenever you like.

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